A Full-Proof and Accurate Indian Medicine Database to Manage your Pharmacy Business


Well-certified and Approved Indian Medicine Database

We live in a data-driven world, and the power of data is unmeasurable. But why it is so much important and valuable? Well, to begin with, a database makes your life simply accurate. So, small scale or large enterprise, the organization’s size doesn’t matter; it’s the data and information that counts!

At pharmacoders, our researchers and analysts provide a comprehensive and well-structured medicine database approved by healthcare professionals and certified practitioners. We provide a synchronized database that includes the Name of the medication, price, usage, side effects, benefits, alcohol interaction, pregnancy interaction, details of the manufacturer, medication information, and many other updated particulars.

Pharmacoders is a long-standing company that provides tech apps and organized data to the healthcare industry and providers. Our developers make the best mobile and web apps to empower the growth of your business and services.

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Benefits of the medicine database?

Collecting a quality-driven and accurate medicine database can be extremely powerful for your business. You can get a profound understanding of everything, which helps you increase your business on a better level!

Detailed and accurate information related to the generic medicines, OTC medicines, Ordered medicines, healthcare products, Cosmetics, herbals, first aid, brand medicines and many others.

Advantage medicine database
  • Certified database approved by the healthcare service providers and practitioners.
  • Better and comprehensive understanding of your niche.
  • Easy and smooth management of your online business.
  • A better understanding of your business and customers.
  • Improvement and growth in your business.


Q. Does this data have all the information related to healthcare medications?

Yes. This database has all the information related to healthcare medications.

Yes. It’s an India-oriented medicine database covering almost all the healthcare medication information.

The database will be delivered to you within 30 minutes.

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