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Every visionary idea is valuable and special for us! We believe in bringing the best potentiality of every healthcare business by understanding their USP for globalized growth. At pharmacoders, our team of developers customizes mobile and web apps by following an agile and quality-based approach.

Our tech visionaries will support you at every phase of development. Starting from design till launch, our main goal is to minimize the risk with successive optimal results. To empower your ideal vision, our health tech specialists will develop a custom app or website by implementing a standardized approach and DevOps principles.

What do we Bring for you?

Client satisfaction and benefits are the top-most priority for us, and that is why we ensure maximum benefits for the productivity of your business. Our technical expertise predicts and analyses every possible risk for better efficiency. Adapting market requirements while ensuring your needs is what we specialize in! We offer a multitude of benefits in our development approach; please have a look!

Premium Quality

Investing in any quality-based product is a must for every business, and that is why we perform multiple quality checks in our ready-to-use and customized product to ensure high-end quality. In addition, our developers write powerful code and fix every bug for a visually appealing and user-friendly experience.

Better Productivity

All thanks to our excellent team and their collaborative approach; they generate business-centric results to increase the brand value of your business. Our team focuses on empowering your business for better scalability.

Future Predictability

To maximize the efficiency of your business, our technical expertise predicts future risks, which will help them fight any obstacle. In addition, our developers follow in-depth analyses and secure practices from the initial stage itself.


Following the current market scenario and understanding the healthcare industry needs, our developers have developed a fully customized app and website which can be moulded as per different healthcare business needs. The app and website are specifically developed to customize every big and small iteration.

Better Results

With our online platform, you can generate better results and scalability for your business. The app and website will help you achieve your goal, get a better customer acquisition and sustain customer retention while reducing the overall burden of your business.

Timely Delivery

With collaborative and supportive teamwork, any difficult task can be achieved within a given timeline. Our development team work hand-in-hand to customize the product, design the layout, and make it bug-free and SEO-friendly to deploy the product at the given timeline.

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Our Development Process

Our detailed methodology revolves around five major aspects which will reduce your time and save your cost. Our developers are experienced and trained in developing an app or website from scratch. We are your true development partners who can add more value to your healthcare business.

Understanding your Visionary

Understanding your Visionary

We understand the value of your ideal vision, and that is why our technical expertise will understand your visionary idea and then propose a proposition by keeping all the things in mind. We will then generate a product lifecycle which will be followed and structured as per your idea.



Having an interactive UI/UX is one of the key factors in any app or website, and that is why while designing your first iteration, our creative heads deeply analyze your user's feedback. A visually appealing look and feel plays a major role in the app and website.



Our prototype is designed with full-fledged features and functionalities, a perfect product that can be tested out in the market to understand user interaction and feedback. In addition, our developers perform high-end and secure coding in the product for better operational activities.



Our developers go through rigorous testings such as functionality testing, bug-solving, regression testing and many others for a quality assured product. Our team of developers ensures that your app has a smooth and error-free functioning and gives a user the desired response.



Last but not the least, launching! We will launch your app once it has cleared all the tests. But our job doesnt end here! Based on the user's response and feedback, we will make necessary changes and integrations in the app and website, and our team will support and stand by your side until the very end.

What is the benefit of DevOps in your business?

DevOps is a collaborative combination of cultural philosophies, tools, and practices that will develop and evolve a product at a faster pace, unlike the traditional method. This method centres around a single problem, gathering all the information and assessing the final outcomes. We have certified and experienced experts in this practice, and they will effectively develop your product from scratch.

benefit of DevOps

Agile Deployment

Unlike the conventional methods, the major USP of this method is agility. Here automated testing saves time and energy because the developers do not have to run dedicated tests.

The coding can also be performed in small batches, which will resist the coder to write in one go, and the testing team can fix the bugs immediately.

Client-centric Approach

With this method, the product owners can also stay updated with the development lifecycle and portray their thoughts which will help developers to make those iterations as per the feedback.

This method allows the product owner to maintain their involvement in the project. It also improves transparency allowing a client to understand what exactly is going on with the project.

Automated Testing

With the automated operations, the testing team doesnt have to create an environment for manual testing they can choose the tools and eradicate the bugs, which will improve the optimal experience.

Unlike the old conventional methods, automated testing fixes the bugs at a faster pace. The best part is that the optimal response for the user will stay intact, even after the deployment of the product.

Secure and Safe

Maintaing the security of your database is one of the important factors in the development, and that is why our developers priortize in implementing security tools and mechanisms in the process for better security purposes.

To increase the efficiency and durability of the product cycle, devSecOps comes into play. Starting from the initial stage itself, the developers can detect loopholes and enhance the product's security.

How do Pharmacoders implement DevOps Process?

We follow this applied approach on small as well as large-scale enterprises to derive effective solutions. Furthermore, we dedicatedly engage and priortize the 6Cs in the development of the product.

DevOps Process implement

With our collaborative teamwork and efforts, we are able to justify results for clients. In the DevOps methodology, our developers perform thorough market analysis to generate a distinctive impact.

The core competencies of our team are to fulfil your requirements at a faster pace, and right from the start, all the developers effectively collaborate into the DevOps process.

And that is how we have developed scaling web and mobile app solutions covering the entire healthcare industry.

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