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Virtual healthcare is the new face of the world; not only it's convenient and hassle-free, but it's safe. Furthermore, people are hesitant nowadays to visit hospitals and clinics, thanks to the global pandemic. Therefore, it is believed and expected that digital healthcare services will be more preferable and accepted by patients in the next few years.

Being a long-standing health tech service provider, we provide both ready-to-use and customized telemedicine app development solutions for healthcare workers and front-liners. Our telemedicine app developers have designed and developed a comprehensive solution that can be customized as per different healthcare providers and business needs.

Our telemedicine application comprises the latest technology and software with flexible customizations. You can chat, call and video-conference with your patients with the in-app features and treat them remotely. You can now provide virtual assistance and aid to your patients with a few simple clicks and become a one-stop healthcare provider to a national and international level.

What Features do we have in our Telemedicine Application?

Providing Manageable, Flexible and Comprehensive Solutions is where we come forward! Our company designs and develops a user-centric telemedicine application with advanced features to scale your services at a global level! While creating the telemedicine app, our developers strictly followed the guidelines to ensure database protection.

Patient App

Book appointments and get in touch with the doctors virtually
for healthcare aid and assistance.

  • Scheduling and Cancelling Appointments
  • Digital Payments
  • Video-Call support
  • Appointment Reminders
  • In-App Chat Feature
  • Healthcare Monitoring
  • Upload Reports
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Admin App

Control and observe every activity through a seamless
admin panel. You can manage the information of your patients
and doctors and store it in the database.

  • Doctors Management
  • Patient Management
  • Generate Reports
  • Stock Management
  • Appointments to Accept and Reject Option
  • Analytics
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Doctor App

You can support and aid your patients whenever necessary. You can even cancel the appointments and reschedule for another time.

  • Create Profile
  • Appointment Management
  • In-App Chat
  • In-App Video Call
  • Accept Digital Payments
  • Reviews
  • Reports Management
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Get a Better Patient Acquisition with a Customized Telemedicine App

Getting a customized solution for your well-grounded business or service can be a significant factor in patient retention while providing online care. Personalized solutions are suitably tailored for your needs and requirements. Our telemedicine app developers share profound and extensive expertise in customized solutions. From the design until launching, our developers can take care of your needs.

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Features in our Customized Solution

To improve the efficiency of your services and the healthcare of your patients, our team of telemedicine app developers will integrate an advanced range of features in your product that will help you give better patient care quality with digital support. As a result, you will be able to connect to your patients even in the rural areas while sitting at your clinic or home.


Verified Professionals

All the healthcare professionals and experts are registered in the app by following the verification process. Each specialist is registered under credentialing process to maintain high standards of safety. Patients can check the qualification, reviews, history and specialization of the verified specialists through the app and then they can book the appointment for the consultation.


Digital Prescriptions

You can upload the prescription in the app, which can be downloaded or saved by your patients'. This digital medical prescription will allow your patient to purchase the medication through the pharmacy store. Once this prescription gets uploaded in the app, it will be directly saved into your patients' database, which can be referred for future diagnosis.


Appointment Management

You can manage your patients' appointments by accepting or rejecting them as per your availability. With our customized telemedicine solution, patients will be able to search for necessary expertise and book them for better healthcare consultation. They can check the available slot for the preferred doctor and book it directly through the app, and you will receive the notification in your system.



With the push notification feature, both the doctors' and patients' can set reminders to never miss out on the important booked appointments. You will receive the reminders in your app and the mail box by configuring the settings. With this feature, you will never forget to take care of your patients, and they will never fail to take care of their health.


Digital Records

With integrated cloud support, you can access your patient's healthcare data and medical history in a hassle-free manner. Once your patient uploads their previous medical history in the app, you will be able to fetch the details, no matter what device you're using it from. The centralized server allows you to fetch the details within a few minutes.


Safety and Security

We will create secure systems and software to protect your valuable data and ensure no third party or unauthorized user can access the data without seeking permission. We use authorized APIs high-level authentication and deploy high-end codes for no database tampering. In addition, our telemedicine app developers will ensure to create a full-fledged security system wherein you and your patients can only access their medical history, records and data.


Virtual Support

Our telemedicine software development team has empowered healthcare specialists by giving them a digital platform. With virtual support, doctors can connect with their patients through video conferencing, In-app calls and chats. As a result, you can provide 24*7 medical assistance to your patients who cannot visit you physically.

What Do We Bring To The Table?

Our telemedicine app development company performed extensive research by keeping every healthcare practitioners need in mind. With extensive experience in telemedicine app development, we understand what clients need. Whether you have a standalone clinic, healthcare practitioner, or run multiple hospital chains, we have devised a solution that provides a great user experience and visually appealing look.

Timely Delivery

With our ready-to-use telemedicine application, you don't have to worry about the timing. You can set your foot into the digital space by launching your minimum viable product. If you want, the app can also be customized and developed as per your business requirements.

Money Effective

Choosing our ready-to-use solution is not only time-saving but also money-saving. Our model is budget-friendly and can generate the best outcomes for your business. As for the customization, it can be done too at a burden-less cost.

Seamless Customization

Client satisfaction plays a vital role in our company while developing a healthcare app. Our developers can provide seamless customization by integrating new modules, manageable APIs, multiple payment support, and creating a secure database while ensuring your customized app's unique and appealing look.

Powerful Architecture

Powerful coding is believed to be the backbone of the digital world. From smallest to largest, every digital device operates on coding. So to support your app and maintain its creativity, our developers ensured powerful coding in high-end and leading technologies like Node js, Angular and Ionic with ensured best results.

Multi-lingual Support

Do you want to spread your business across nations? Well, you can do it now. With our in-built multi-lingual support, you can provide services to your customers in their comfortable native language. Furthermore, you can configure the linguistic settings as per your target audience and business reach. Our telemedicine app developers can even integrate other languages as per your necessity and reference.

Support and Maintenance

Our maintenance support and services eliminate the potential of errors and bugs and improve the chances of better performance. Even after the product is launched, our service providers ensure quality maintenance services for the scalability of your app. In any case of query or confusion, our service team also provides a detailed explanation of the system and its configuration.

Why Choose Pharmacoders?

05+ Years of Experience

With more than 5+ years of experience, we know and understand how to upscale the growth of every telemedicine service provider. Over the course of 5 years, we have designed, developed and revamped many telemedicine applications for different business visionaries, and that's what makes us the best and most reliable choice for your project. Read more..

45+ IT Professionals

In the last five years, we have created a skilled, talented and experienced team of developers who share expertise in various technologies like PHP, Node js, Angular, Ionic, React Native, Swift, Java, Flutter, Magento, Shopify, and WordPress. Our telemedicine app developers leverage this technology to create online telemedicine applications. Read more..

Meeting Goals

Fulfilling goals and exceeding client expectations is what we believe in and stand for. At pharmacoders, our developers firmly stand together with the idea of customer satisfaction. We have more than 120+ clients across the globe, and we have successfully delivered more than 2000+ projects with 85% retention. Read more..

Quality Solutions

Our online telemedicine app development is based on quality while keeping the given period of time in mind. While creating a customized app, we reduce the chances of blunders or errors while thoroughly testing to ensure accelerated performance. Therefore, we are known to deliver quality solutions at a timely pace. Read more..

Easy Communication

Easily accessible and detailed communication is known and believed to be our USP. Our techies and service providers will give you assured and detailed information for both technical and non-technical queries. We are here to solve your doubts and concerns for 100% assurity. Read more..

Guaranteed NDA

Your ideas are equally important and valuable for us, and that's why we fulfil the legal documentation process. Our non-disclosure agreement is followed by all the terms and conditions, including never disclosing the data, information and idea to any third party. Read more..

Have a Look at What Our Clients Have to Say.

Ajit Mathur

With their reliable resources I was able to manage the daily tasks and operations of my services. The telemedicine app made my job very much easy and smooth. They even managed the costing part as per business requirements which was a great part about working with them.

Ajit Mathur
Emma Baker

I wanted to develop a website for my pharmacy startup and luckily I came across Pharma Coders and since then everything was super easy. Right from the on-boarding process till the consultancy after the launch of the website, their entire team laid on full support for my business.

Emma Baker
Olivia Anderson

It was such a wonderful experience to get acquainted and be a part of such a supportive organization. Ever since I got in touch with the pharma coders the sales of my business just doubled. They customized the pharmacy as per my wishes and they ensured easy functionalities of the app for a seamless functioning.

Olivia Anderson
Ashura Mwangi

Pharma coders managed to finish my project before time while maintaining the quality of the website. The website was quick and smooth while functioning and absolutely user-friendly and their entire team was super-friendly and supportive.

Ashura Mwangi
Shrey Kothari

Coming from a non-technical background with absolute zero knowledge of apps and the web makes it a little difficult for people like me who want to start their online business. But then I met the team of pharma coders and they cleared every technical and non-technical aspect while suggesting to me some great ideas.

Shrey Kothari
Vipul Kansariya

The ERP system was launched right on time with 100% success. Communication with the entire team of pharma coders was super easy and convenient. They exceeded my expectations with wonderful results. I was very happy to work with such a supportive organization.

Vipul Kansariya


Q. Do You Have a Readymade Telemedicine Application?

Yes, We have a readymade MVP with us that can be launched right away! It has all the perfect features to start your online medical services.

Yes, We can provide a custom layout design with your provided requirements.

Yes, you can. We have many experienced developers who will provide you with full support in your project.

Yes, recommended features can be integrated into the telemedicine application to provide better support in your digital healthcare services.

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